How to invest in bitcoin, why invest in bitcoin, is bitcoin legal, bitcoin investment

How to invest in bitcoin, why invest in bitcoin, is bitcoin legal, bitcoin investment

Bitcoin been superior to all cryptocurrencies with lot of great features should be considered what to invest in. There are people who became millionaires today because they invested in bitcoin. Some bought bitcoins years ago when it was cheap and today they are really enjoying the profits. Then, some didn’t believe Bitcoin will exist till this time and now they are regretting. It’s not too late to invest in bitcoin.

Investing is different from buying bitcoins. When you buy bitcoins, it stays in your wallet. It’s safe, nothing is going in and nothing is going out of the wallet. But when you invest in bitcoin via our platform, you get daily profits. You will earn money everyday and it will be sent to your wallet on the 28th of every month. You can earn as low as $25 per day and as high as $40,000 per day when you invest with TradeVilley.

We will be talking about the reasons why you should invest in bitcoin and how to invest in Bitcoin.



1.) For Future Purpose: Bitcoin is the future of money. It is now used everyday in our society. Considering the progress of  Bitcoin, it will soon be the primary currency in our society and even the most powerful currency ever.

2.) Bitcoin is the best: In the world of cryptocurrency, bitcoin is the first and is considered the best by cryptocurrency miners and experts. There are lot of cryptocurrencies but bitcoin supercedes all of them. There are lots of benefits associated with Bitcoin which makes it distinct from other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has already made it to be the choice of people while other cryptos are still struggling to get to the position where Bitcoin is now.

3.) Bitcoin is Legal: Bitcoin is approved in almost all countries by their government. It doesn’t mean Bitcoin is owned or controlled by the government. What this means is that Bitcoin is legal and appoved by the government for usage. No one has authority over Bitcoin. Apart from being legal, bitcoin is safe, highly secured and easy to use.

4.) Increment of Price and Profits: The demand for bitcoin is high and definitely, the market price will be going high as more people begin to demand and use bitcoin. For Investors, the high price of bitcoin will be a profit to them.

5.) Gaining Knowledge about Bitcoin Investment is Free: There are some investment niches where you have to spend money and time in order to learn. For example, you can’t just think of a business today and also start it the same day. You have to learn. The time that will be spent is what will make it expensive.

Learning how to invest in bitcoin is easier and free with a platform like TradeVilley. Yes, you don’t have to pay us before learning. It is also easier as you can access our website anytime and from any part of the world. You can also contact us here for any help or question.


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Once you arrive our homepage, scroll down to the Pricing section or click on Pricing which can be found in the menu. Any of the two will take you to this destination seen in the screenshot below (this screenshot is just an example, you can choose any plan):


Go through the pricing plans. Register for anyone you prefer by clicking on the register button beneath the plan of your choice.

Once you click the register button, you will be directed to a page containing the range of investment plans within the plan you selected. Carefully go through the plans then register  for an investment plan within the given range of plans.


After clicking on the register button, you will be directed to a page where you have to fill a registration form. Fill in your details and agree to the terms and conditions.


After filling the form, click on submit and checkout. You will be directed to the payment gateway. Follow the on-screen instructions to make payment (send bitcoins).


That’s all. All you have to do is relax and watch your earnings grow everyday. You can only withdraw on the 28th of any month.

Our Referral system is yet to come. For now if you refer, you don’t get any commission. You will be notified when we implement our referral system. You will earn more with our referral system. Keep earning while anticipating our referral program.




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